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Scoping out the cabbage situation😊
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more summer 2019-24
The aroma is delightful! Not that bad for an early peach #paulfriday #earlypeaches #eatlocal #pentic

about us

Our farm is located in the mountainous Similkameen Valley in the southern interior of British Columbia. We grow a wide selection of fruit, vegetables and flowers, including numerous heirloom/specialty varieties. The unique combination of a semi-desert climate and the rich river valley deposits provide the ideal conditions for producing a wide variety of high quality agricultural products. On our small mixed farm, we have always grown using ecologically sustainable practices, with a genuine focus on maintaining and promoting soil health. Our traditional style farming goes against the high-input industrial model of agriculture. The emphasis on a living soil is supported through our growing methods, such as: conservation tillage; cover-cropping and green manures; interplanting and crop rotations; and our livestock management. The goal of our farm is to feed our family and our community with healthy, flavourful food. We believe it is important to connect people to the source of their food, so that this connection is not lost. 

where to find us..

Vancouver Farmers Market

Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market


10:00 - 2:00

Early August - Late September

Take me back to summer❤️☀️

the farm store

156 Becks Road, Keremeos, BC

Thursday - Monday

10:00 - 4:00


Vancouver Farmers Market

Mount Pleasant


10:00 - 2:00

July - October

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